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No Summertime or school break blues here. Parents can finally get excited for their kids to take part in a year round programs that provide good food, clean fun, tons of learning experiences, and making new friends along the way.

Let's get down to the real stuff here.  What makes our summer program so special? Well, let's see....

  • Lots of hands on Environmental Science & other STEM activities

  • Learning street smart skills​

  • Brainstorming & engineering new ideas to solve real world issues.

  • Participate in an array of team-building, sports, fitness, & recreation activities 

  • Enjoy a formidable and captivating Arts Program

  • And Much, Much More...


Would you like to know more?


  • We are open Monday thru Friday from 7am-6:30pm. National Holidays are the exception.

  • Breakfast and Lunch are provided Free to the kids. Kids can bring their own if they want.  

  • Incredibly affordable  considering everything that is covered plus all the exciting programs that there are.


  • Participating in our variety of programs doesn't cost extra. One cost covers all.

Through our programs and caring staff, we aim to reduce or eliminate instances of bullying, depression, fear, and anxiety and help the youth learn acceptance, empathy, compassion, and being supportive.  


We'll also teach them the skills to address those issues whenever it occurs as it provides them with choices to make their own decisions and accept the consequence, whether it is good or not so good.

As parents and caregivers, we can't be there with them 24 hours a day and it does give us some peace of mind that they'll have the necessary skills to be self-sufficient, the street smarts, and the confidence to make the right choices with or without us.

Summer Program 2024 

To Be Conducted at

IDEA Judson 
13427 Judson Road,
San Antonio, TX 78233
(near Sam's Club on I-35 and Judson)

Affordable Monthly Rate
Sibling Discount Available
($25/Registration fee per child)

Open Monday thru Friday

Breakfast and Lunch Provided
(but you are free to have your child bring their own food as well)


Summer Program 2024 
IDEA Carver 

217 Robinson Place,
San Antonio, TX 78202

$450/Month per Child
($25/Registration fee per child)

Open Monday thru Friday 

Breakfast and Lunch Provided
(but you are free to have your child bring their own food as well)

Chemistry Students
Girl Painter
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