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We are a youth serving nonprofit organization designed to enrich, empower, and engage youth in a fun, safe environment.


We strive to reduce

  • bullying 

  • depression 

  • fear 

  • anxiety and

  • help them to learn compassion, acceptance, empathy, and being supportive.  

From parents and caregivers, the kids we serve, teachers and counselors, community leaders, to local businesses, we will all work together.  


As the ancient proverb goes, "It takes a village to raise a child" and with everyone's help, we will guide your child to be the best person that they can be for themselves and for the community.        

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Your contributions allow us to continue to provide exceptional programs and caring staff.  Donate now and help spread the word.


Is your child's after school program just babysitting your kids? 

Register with us and see the difference.  

August 2022

Summer is Coming!!!

While playing video games all day can be fun, getting out of the house can be too. 


Go back to school with some amazing stories you had with us!!!

March 2023

Child Safety


Safety is and will always be our primary concern.


All Kid Nation, Inc. personnel will undergo a thorough background check.  


Volunteers who will be working with youth directly will also undergo a thorough background check.  


Once completed, all personnel and volunteers must go through an orientation and training prior to their participation.  


Violations to the standards and policies regarding the safety and well-being of children will be handled in accordance with the organizations' policies and procedures.  This can include, but not limited to, disciplinary action, removal from the program, and/or legal ramifications to be taken against the accused.

We strive to ensure your child is provided for in the safest possible environment.

If an issue arises, our Executive Director and staff are available to discuss and address your concerns fairly, consistently, and immediately.  

Team work

​Our Staff

Our staff is carefully selected among a sea of qualified candidates.  Each staff person must not just be a fit to work with kids, but to the team, parents, school personnel, and community. 


Kid Nation, Inc. staff are highly trained and observed periodically to ensure that their performance is in-line with our quality of care and organizational standards.  


We pride ourselves on constructive feedback, yes, even the negative ones.  This allows us to continue to improve in those areas and work towards becoming the best in serving children and families.  


In our organization, your child is at the top of our organizational hierarchy, literally.  The parents, school, our Board of Directors, and our staff fulfill the next level.


The third tier consists of the community filled with our funders, businesses and non-profit agencies, and our actual environment (beaches, streets, special populations, etc.).  

And lastly, our Executive Director completes the organizational chart at the bottom.    

Teacher Assisting a Student
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