Phone number: 210-818-3789​

Address: San Antonio, TX 78233



Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you serve?

While our program is geared towards youth ages 6-17, we currently operate through IDEA Judson for Kinder through College Prep grade levels (K-High School). Our Summer Program will be open to youth ages 6-17 with classrooms split into age appropriate groups.

Where will your programs be offered at?

We are currently in the process of starting our program services at IDEA Public Schools - Judson for the 2020-2021 School Year. We are open to discuss opening up locations in churches, schools, or other prospective areas depending on the number of youth projected to be served and available funding. Schools who do not currently receive 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) funding, may be able to apply to help bring our innovative organization to their respective school.

What are your hours of operation for the After School Program?

We are looking to provide services from the time school ends till 6:30pm. When there is early dismissal, we will begin at that time and still close at 6:30pm. However, our goal is to work towards getting approval to stay open till 8pm. This will allow us to provide more programs and give parents more flexibility, time, and less stress. At this time, we will be operating through the IDEA School Calendar, which means if the school is closed (aside from the Summer Program), we will not have services that day(s). Such days could include but not limited to, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Teacher In-Service Days, and National Holidays. As we continue to add more sites, some locations may vary in their hours of operation.

What can I do to help?

This is the question we get asked the most and one that we really love to hear. There's several ways that you can help: 1. Donations and Sponsorships are always welcome. We are able to accept donations for programs supplies such as arts/crafts, science, music equipment, gift cards, and monetary contributions that will allow us to increase our software licenses and other uses. 2. Perhaps you know someone or business looking to partner up with a nonprofit organization. You can have them contact us or send us the info (just let them know we'll be calling please). 3. Volunteering opportunities will soon become available as we navigate during this difficult time, however we are open to hear your thoughts on other ways to support our organization and kids.

How is your program different from other after school programs?

Kid Nation, Inc. prides itself in delivering structured programs using a rotation schedule that allows for the kids to participate in the various programs offered. The youth participants will be able to learn valuable life skills that is constantly adapting and improved especially as new issues arise. Our goals are to help them get a head start in their careers through exploration and learning, a boost in their academic performance, service projects to develop character and the means to improve college & job applications, and much much more. If you would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to call or email us at your convenience.

How much does your Program cost?

We are working with each school to determine the best cost for after school and summer programs for their population of families. Please contact our administration number at 210-818-3789 for more information. As we continue to grow, we will identify sources, fundraisers, and donors to help sponsor children who may come from economically disadvantaged homes or perhaps are going through a difficult time.

Can you tell us about your Summer Program?

Summer 2021 will most likely continue in observing CDC & School Protocols until further notice. Our program is tentatively scheduled to operate from 7am-6:30pm Monday thru Friday with highly exceptional programs for ages 6-17. Some exceptions may be available for 5 year olds but will be limited in the number that we can serve and based on two other qualifications. Current IDEA Judson and other IDEA School students will have access to early registration for the Summer program beginning March 1st-April 1st. Afterwards, Non-IDEA students will be able to register on a first come-first serve basis. To register for the Summer 2021 program, please visit the Summer Camp link on our homepage.

How can we get your program into our school(s), church, or other area?

The best course for this is to have your School Principal, Vice Principal, or District Administrator contact us either via email to or by phone to 210-818-3789. For areas outside of San Antonio and Texas, there are a few more hurdles we would need to address. But we are very much open to discuss this further with any community leader, school, church, nonprofit agency, or other party. If there's a need for us, believe that we will work hard to implement our programs to make a positive impact on kids, for parents, and the community. Someday, we would very much like to venture into other countries and prove to the world that our programs are worthwhile, adaptable, and impactful to those we aim to serve.