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Our policy

We are ecstatic to have positive working relationships with our parents and caregivers. We rely on maintaining an effective communication support system not just with the families, but with the schools and teachers of your children.  This process will help us identify areas of improvement, relay positive information, and conduct research in the value our organization has on your child.

Parents are welcome to accompany our staff on field trips, visit with their child onsite, or volunteer for certain activities.  Our only request and policy is for you to complete a volunteer application, pass a background check, and attend a volunteer orientation session. 

To Register for our After School and/or Summer Program Services Click the Link Below

IDEA Judson

Kid Nation, Inc. 

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About our Payment Schedule

Initial Payment is due at the time of submitting the enrollment application for either After School, Summer Program, or School Break.


Monthly payments are due the 1st of each month. You are also able to pay in advance if you choose. 


You can also choose to enroll in an automatic withdrawal payment system to ease the burden of having to remember to submit the payment on time and avoiding any disruption of services.


You and your child's personal identifiable information is confidential and will not be shared with any party outside of the organization with the exception of your child's school (if applicable) and you, as the parent or caregiver for only your child.  Limited information will be provided with your consent in instances of specific competitions, media releases, or other special circumstances.  ​

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IDEA Carver

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