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Welcome to


In the Classroom

After School Program

We Provide

  • Homework Assistance

  • Young Entrepreneurship Program

  • Street Smart Skills

  • Prevention of Child Trafficking

  • Tech Workshops 

  • Hands on Environmental STEM Activities

  • Teambuilding Recreational Activities

  • Snack or Lite Meal Provided


Chemistry Students

Summer Program

Coming Summer 2022, We'll Have

  • Exciting​ Hands-On Science Activities

  • Life Skills Workshops

  • An Immersive Arts Program

  • Street Smart Skill Building
  • Inclusive Recreation Program
  • Breakfast & Lunch Provided
  • Building, Developing, & Maintaining Friendships
  • Not to mention, FUN!!!!!
Teens & Library

Behavior Management

Along with extensive experience that our staff bring to the organization, our staff are trained using evidence and research based models for improving and managing kids behaviors.  

We will also offer Parents/Caregivers our interactive and fun Parent Workshops.

Youth Participants will be able to take part in cooperative based activities, and engage in workshops to learn skills for managing instances of bullying, depression, anxiety, and fear.   

Family Cooking

Family Activities

Goals for 2021-2022 School Year

  • Family Science Nites

  • Family Game Nites
  • Family Art Nites
  • Family Cooking Nites
  • Parent Symposium
  • Super Mom's Day
  • Mighty Dad's Day
  • Fam Fest
  • And Open to Other Ideas Also :) 
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